Lil Bosses Guide ^^

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Lil Bosses Guide ^^

Post  PoP on Fri Mar 26, 2010 8:43 pm

Well this gonna be a small list from bosses i know, and i battle them at least 1 time Razz
since idk how to add maps attc, i finish it when i know Very Happy
well; i add some coments abaut ea boss: the stars next boss name means how hard i think it is

Sage Fox Lv70 (**)2 Stars "Spring" 3322, 2460
Faerie Boots (Lv75 Cleric Phyll Boots)
Colossus (Lv75 Champ Sword)
Fairy Box
Mistyc Chest 100% drop Very Happy
(other drops for Story Quest)
Easy for magic Users, bad for other classes since it have Pwning Def and Dodge u cant hit and dmg him low, plus it use Magic Damage = Power Damage if you dont have Spr.

Icy Dragon (**)2Stars "Under Water Tunel" 494, 521
The Hard of this boss its the way, alot of mobs and them have skills;
The Water Mob = Low ur def **Kill it and farm arista you gonna need them**
Little Icy Dragons = Low ur Speed
Crabs = Stun you, since they are many if one stun you they make a shain so,, ur on problems x_x
"farm 2 aristas!" 1) togo 2) to come back tunel, Aristas stay like 15 mins and dont alow they to stun you
**Crabs and icy also drops items to break other mobs efects , if u use more than 1 the other one gonna be off,, so bether use aristas**
Faerie Gloves (lv 75 cleric Phyll gloves)
Twinligth (lv75 SS bow)
Fairy Box
Chest 100% drop Very Happy

Lizardman Warrior Commander (****) 4Stars "summer Boss" 3273,3318
Drakan (Lv75 Crus Sword)
Dragon Boots (Lv 75 Ami Voy Boots)
Mistyc Chest 100% drop Very Happy
Fairy Box
I put a 4 stars on this one, ALOT of mobs arround him, hard to hit, and it have skill for 1 hit anyone,,
so you gonna need a sealer to get him, fast atacks and strong, low def & hp so any class can get him

Chaman, (also dont rem name) (*****) 5Stars "Summer Boss"
Strong Magic Attks! and also fast, too many mobs arround him! you gonna need a tank or many crus to take mobs off, also sealers help alot! be carefull with it,,
Robe of the Sage; (Lv75 Seal master Phyll Robe)
Voy Dagg (lv 75 Dagger for voy)
Mystic Chest 100% drop Very Happy
Fairy Box

BBQ or Barbosa (********) 8 stars "Skeletar" 296,183
not That hard, but it have skills that heal and do alot of damage, to get it you need bug it, you need sealer and strong cruses, or many ppl,
MaFia Ally farm it alot bcoz of Angel Dices(Black dragon Equips) and SexP (for 2nd reb)
OMG! Skeletar mobs hit toooo stronngg!! so its really hard
SM lv70 Claw
Cleric Lv70 Paw
Angel Dice (BD Altar)
Power of flame (BD Altar)
Hermes Pawston (lv70 Clus boss Paw)
Champ claw (Lv70 Boss claw Champ)

Kraken (*****) 5 Stars, "skeletar" 529, 193
HP: 2,000,00
Not that hard, but ,, its on sea, so need many sea voy and many manuf,
strong guilds use it for 1st reb
Angel Dice
Crus Boss Claw
SS Boss Paw
Full Boss Set Voy (Frame & Paw & Claw)

Black Jewell (Never battle it b4 so i say 4 stars for be on sea) "Naval Base" 869,139
As i say never battle it b4,
some ppl farm dice with it,
Angel Dice
Lv70 Crus Boss Frame
Lv70 SharpShotter Boss Claw
Lv70 Voy Boss Paw
Lv70 Ami Crown +2 stats
Power of wind
**Nice drops in this one**

Death Soul Commander (********) 8Stars! "Naval base"
HP: 1,000,000
We need a map for this one x_x also, for go with him we need some sets;
We need Passes AB, CD (Sea) EF GH ED (5 in total)
and also 20 Souls of undeath, to pass to boss room mobs,, strongss!
hard boss with babys spawns, so make alot of damage, have low def,
to get him you need strong crus, healers, ressers for back up and Sealers!
Angel Dice
Power Of thunder
Champ lv70 Boss Paw
Voy Lv70 boss claw
Cleric lv70 Boss Claw
SealMaster Lv70 Boss Paw

Pirate Capitan 008 "Panda" "Autum island" I give (*******) 7 stars for Autum Mobs!
Hard Boss, Autum Mobs eww,,! hit too strong D:
Hair Gel Very Happy
Colossus (Lv70 Champ Sword)
Lv70 Champ Gloves
Mistyc Chest
Fairy Box,,,
I was sure it drop Panda Cap !!
and im not that sure it drop the sword .__. oh well Razz

All for now,, i know its lame but i g2g, i finish it other day with more time, im gonna add maps, and the drops so gonna be easyer

Any info u want add Plz post(:

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