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Sell ALOT of gems Empty Sell ALOT of gems

Post  Shinny on Fri Apr 16, 2010 8:02 pm

hi guys. i have alot of gems, but i dun use them.
and well im trying to sell em:

- Gem of Striking Lv1 - 3,5m
- Cracked Gem of Striking Lv1 (x2) - 150k
- Cracked Gem of Striking Lv2 - 300k
- Gem of the Wind Lv1 - 10m
- Cracked Gem of the Wind Lv1 - 1m
- Cracked Gem of the Wind Lv2 - 2m
- Cracked Gem of the Wind Lv3 - 4m
- Broken Gem of the Wind Lv1 - 300k
- Broken Gem of Soul Lv2 - 500k

if anyone needs/want sumthin just leave pm or sumthing like that!! Razz Razz

Sell ALOT of gems Shinny10
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