Bag Lv3 Killing - 03/25/10

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Bag Lv3 Killing - 03/25/10 Empty Bag Lv3 Killing - 03/25/10

Post  Shinny on Thu Mar 25, 2010 3:18 pm

our first guild event was a bag killing in icicle.
who comes:
- GetEm
- Guid
- MiniCookie
- Shinny16xD
- TiiiH
- TutsiPop

who got lv:
TiiiH was lv55 and he got 2 lvs, hes lv57 now!!
MiniCookie was lv58 and got 2 lvs too, now she's lv60!

our next event will be a bag lv4 killing, at next sat, 03/27/10
get ur amps/hbs fast and enjoy!! ^^

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